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Black Women In Jazz- Education & Fine Arts Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created to assist in meeting the literacy, educational and creative needs of our youth ages 3-21.  We believe that all children are capable of success when one on one support is given to address their particular learning and developmental needs.  Our concentration is on youth development in core subjects such as Reading, Math, Science, and Writing, as well as training/workshops in the areas of Technology, Engineering, Environmental, Nutrition, and Fine Arts.  We believe this will help our youth to become confident in their learning abilities and strengthen our communities.  The importance of children's early literacy development cannot be overstated.  Children's success in school and later in life is dependent upon their ability to read and write effectively.

Our goal is to take what your child is learning in their classrooms and enhance that knowledge by taking the time to get know them and their individual needs. The result is that the student will excel in their classrooms and become confident, self-sufficient and focused learners.  Literacy development is crucial to the quality of life in diverse communities throughout the United States as well as globally.

Tutors are certified teachers and  are carefully chosen because literacy and youth development is vital and they want to do more than just tutor your child. They share a love for teaching, and a commitment to support, encourage and educate each and every student. Our tutors are teachers and are members of your own community and teach in the local schools. Our tutors understand the local school's curriculum and can better link their lessons with what's being taught in school.



1. Where will my child be tutored? The student and the tutor will usually meet at the public library nearest to the child's home.

2. Do you provide transportation? No. Parents will have to arrange to have your child dropped off and picked up.

3. What are the scheduled days and times for tutoring? Tutoring can be scheduled after school or weekends.

4. Do you offer one on one tutoring or with a group of other children? We provide one on one tutoring.

5. What subjects do you focus on? Reading, Writing and Math.



Black Women In Jazz Education & Fine Arts Youth Foundation Scholarship program will begin the donation program on September 15, 2013.  Black Women In Jazz will donate, as funds permit, a musical instrument that corresponds with the class that the youth is taking (if taking flute lessons=youth in need will get a flute).  For this program, parents of the student must be either unemployed or under-employed and financially challenged families.  Parents check stub or proof of income will be required. Students must be in band or related music class and a 2 page written essay is required by the youth wishing to have an instrument donated or any type of scholarship assistance.  All Essays must be emailed at least 2 weeks prior to needing the instrument or scholarship.. The Instrument or scholarship will be delivered directly to the school or music center location where the class is being held. 

Black Women In Jazz Education & Fine Arts Youth Foundation operates without regard to race, sex, color, sexual orientation, gender, disability, creed, religion or national origin. We reserve the right to decline anyone who provides false information in order to obtain an instrument.

REQUIREMENT FROM THE STUDENT:  Essay Topic: Why I Need This ________ (Name the Instrument), or (Scholarship for Tutor, etc.)


FINE ARTS- Any of the forms , such as sculpture, painting or music, used to create art intended for beauty rather than utility.




Painting, Sculpture, Carving, Music, Architecture



Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Videography, Multimedia, Animation



Dance, Music, Drama/Acting, Cinema





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