A Letter to Female Artists


To My Phenomenal Sisters:

Do not be timid with your dreams! You have a right to be prosperous, successful, and victorious. You have a right to be happy. Be honest with yourself and dig deep inside your soul to identify your true desires, shake off fear, claim your piece of the pie, gird your spirit with the Promises of GOD and fiercely and methodically go after your dreams.

Unforeseen challenges will always rear its head but there are always answers to those challenges. Don't waste time willing the ...mountain away just figure out how to climb that mountain to get to the next step in your journey to fulfill your dreams. You may not be able to see the way for a time but whatever you do, don't lose hope. Create a network of positive, sincere, goal-oriented people to call on when times are uncertain. Be sure to be there for those who were encouraging to you when you needed them because they will need you too.

You can't beat GOD giving so reach out and with a sincere and open heart help someone else realize their dreams. You will get so much more back than you can imagine.

What GOD has for you, is just for you. Awesome opportunities will present themselves.  Blessings will overtake you in time. When you are ready to receive, there is absolutely nothing that you can do to stop those blessings from coming, simply because you believed GOD's promises for you.

To everything there is a season! Begin to meditate and study "timing" by watching and taking note of what's going on with you, around you and the length of time situations, people, or things last. Doing this will help you learn to get to know the season that you are in so that you can begin to work within your season, because there is a time established for you to plant and then to receive a rich harvest from that which you have planted. So be careful but deliberate in what you plant.  Be careful and cognizant of what you speak, your words and thoughts will influence your destiny.  Be aware of your surroundings and who you allow in your personal space.  The people you allow in  your personal space will also help shape your outcome. So watch and pray for discernment. You will encounter those who are really not so happy for you and they will do anything to cause you to lose faith. Some are seeking you just to attempt to destroy you and to prevent your dreams from becoming reality. Don't let them!  You have the say so as to who you allow in your personal space.  Some will come in the name of Jesus, but that is when you will need "Divine Spiritual Discernment" the most because some are really good deceivers. But remember, if you are truly of GOD's, you will know HIS voice! Yea though you walk through the valley of death, you will fear not evil because GOD is with you.  Bless them and leave them where they are. Stay focused!

Respect others and let nothing stand in the way of GOD, Family and Business! Make a commitment to GOD first and the anointing will be upon you. Prepare and watch for the phenomenal opportunities! I pray many beautiful blessings upon each of you.

Be encouraged,